Relax at Indigo Acupuncture

Indigo’s objective is to broaden the mainstream perspective regarding our own healthcare. Many of us in the Western world aren’t aware of the remarkable natural healing options at our fingertips. Many challenges, diseases and syndromes are successfully treated by addressing not only the symptoms, but the underlying origin as well. Natural medicine works synergistically with our own body's innate healing process. By using a combination of modalities as the approach to wellness, many patients have found success in moving toward a more vibrant life.

Because each individual presents with their own unique set of circumstances, treatment plans will vary in length. Perseverance and progress are always in tandem, so this suggests a commitment to the process. We want you to take your healthcare seriously but also enjoy the journey.


About Indigo Acupuncture

Indigo Acupuncture was started by Char Self in 2005. With a Masters of Science in Chinese Medicine from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and a Bachelors in Nutritional Science, Char now practices on Coronado Island, in sunny San Diego.

Char's approach to wellness is unique.  She considers Chinese Medicine a component of a larger holistic effort and wellness plan and will gladly recommend specialists who can help you in other areas of your well-being if needed.

With a patient-first mentality, Char will find the treatment that is right for you, making your time with her efficient, affordable and relaxing!